Riku Tahko Rally Consulting – We got Your six

RTRC stands for Riku Tahko Rally Consulting. We at RTRC would like to share our passion of Motorsport, develop drivers and make your race experience as easy and stressless as possible.
With more than 10 years of driving instructing in standard and race cars, Riku has helped drivers from daily car users to WRC and F1 level professionals. On track feedback, video analysis and car set up tips are all included to the program. On top of that 17 years experience from racing on top level, work in various teams, with various different drivers and various different disciplines Riku has earned finds a solution to every question you have imagined.
Toomas Heikkinen, Global Rallycross Champion
Nicholas Latifi, Williams F1 driver
Miko Marczyk, Polish Rally Champion
Simos Galatariotis, Cyprus Rally Champion
+ many others
As an addition to driver instructing, RTRC now also offer various high spec rally cars to be rented for either race weekends or training sessions.
Would you be interested to develop your skills in a Rally School day or race in one of our cars?
Car Fleet 2020
MINI One FIA Rally2kit
Ford Fiesta R2T
Renault Twingo R2 EVO
BMW 325i