1984 Born in Espoo, Finland. I closely followed my Dad´s rally career with enthusiasm from my early days.

My Mum worked for Rally of 1000 lakes (WRC Rally Finland) for years as press officer so my first memories from rallying are my dads rally car on trailer at our home yard and following iconic Group B cars passing by the Laajavuori Hotel, the Rally headquarters on Rally of 1000 lakes.

After some laps in a Go-karts, I actually found my passion of first competitive sport from totally different World. I started serious training in Snowboarding. Years of half pipe and big air competitions, video shooting and travels to Alps gave me Finnish Championship medals and lifetime memories. Looking into future sport achievements, most important learning point from Snowboarding was the competitive athlete lifestyle that was something I felt I wanted to build on.
I didn’t improve my pace in snowboarding as good as I should so besides earning small product based sponsorships, I noticed this might not be the sport I’m improving as well as I would need to earn Pro rider status.

Getting closer to driving license age, I found myself having more interest on cars again. At the age of 16 I worked for my dad’s car workshop over the summer and the winter after I got to test a rally car Toyota Starlet for the first time on ice track. From that moment on I didn’t have another thing in my mind, I want to be a rally driver.

At the age of 18, with just 3 weeks old driving license in my pocket I placed in an entry to my first rally. With all that excitement I barely have any proper memories from the rally besides heavy snow fall, my co-driver pulling the handbrake every now and then and stalling the car into every single stage start, we finished 3rd in our class with decent 8 minutes loss to the winner. All in all I was sold… This what I want to do!

From that moment on I made myself a decision that every single day I do something to improve my rally career. It can be either fitness, sponsor contacting, onboard video learning, rally training or racing but I will work on this. I can’t honestly say I have followed this for the last 17 years but I can admit the there are not many days that I have not followed this decision and I´m happy to tell you that the same passion is still there.

After clinching Finnish rally championship medal on 2012, I seeked all options to build my career more International. At that moment Rallycross turned up as World Championship sport and the excitement into that sport was real. I wanted to join the flow and builded our own Rallycross team to join EuroRX, European Rallycross Championship from 2014 on.

Now in 2020, looking back into the last 5 years in Rallycross I can truly say it was a though but necessary learning curve. I’m not sure if I would have had a chance to continue my career in International rallying due financial reasons, so for sure the Rallycross was ideal step for me. On the other hand I need to admit we were in a big boys game with small boys toys, budget got out of hands and we were only able to travel through, not to be competitive.

2020 marked a step that I have missed for years. I did full comeback into rallying and oh boy it felt good! I missed that complete experience you have in rallying, seat time and how hard the sport is. I’m happy to tell you we got back onto pace as we should, fighting for top spots in Finnish Championship. Should I say that we are better than ever.

Thank you for following my career, I hope you like our fresh website!

– Riku